WD-- 46*48 Wire Deck
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WD-- 46*48 Wire Deck


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Waterfall edge provides extra strength and a secure fit.                                                                                

Product Description:
This Pallet Rack Wire Deck is fully galvanized to resist chipping and scratching. This wire deck is strong, durable, and easy 
to install. These decks are designed with a waterfall edge bent at 90°, overlapping the horizontal support beam holding the 
wire deck in place and helping prevent beam deflection. Great alternative to wood decking also great for parts storage and 
pallet storage. Gives you the flexibility to store cartons, drums, and multiple pallet sizes. 

  • Better abrasion resistance improves shop appearance
  • Promotes a cleaner environment
  • Reflects more light
  • Strong long-life bright coating
  • Easily installed, drops in place with no tools required
  • Improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system
  • 3 welded-on universal flare channels to fit any type of pallet rack beam
  • Beam capacity is 2500 lbs. uniformly distributed


usual format:
Pallet Rack Wire Decking Skid Lot - 46" Wide, 24" Deep
Pallet Rack Wire Decking Skid Lot - 46" Wide, 36" Deep
Pallet Rack Wire Decking Skid Lot - 46" Wide, 42" Deep
Pallet Rack Wire Decking Skid Lot - 46" Wide, 48" Deep

Compatible Pallet Rack Sizes:

Code Color Size (L X H) Capacity (LBS) WT
WIRE DECKS        
PRS-WD24X46 Galvanized  24"D x 46"W 2200 9.21
PRS-WD36X46 Galvanized  36"D x 46"W 2200 13.97
PRS-WD42X46 Galvanized  42"D x 46"W 2200 16.20
PRS-WD42X52 Galvanized  42"D x 52"w 2200 17.50
PRS-WD48X46 Galvanized  48"D x 46"W 2200 18.06
PRS-WD24X46 (WWMH) Grey 24"D x 46"W 2500  
PRS-WD36X46 (WWMH) Grey 36"D x 46"W 2500  
PRS-WD4246F (WWMH) Grey 42"D x 46"W 2500 17.30
PRS-WD4252F (WWMH) Grey 42"D x 52"W 2500  
PRS-WD4846F (WWMH) Grey 48"D x 46"W 2500 20.60
PRS-WD4852F (WWMH) Grey 48"D x 52"W 2500  
PRS-WD7246F (WWMH) Grey 72"D x 46"W 2500  

Wire Mesh Decking Features:                                               
Portable and easy to operate;
Strong and durable; 
Less expensive and stronger than wood decks;
Easy to install - drops into place; no fastening needed; 
Make identification of inventory easier; 
Improves housekeeping; 
Environmental friendly; 
Allows for better lighting and ventilation in workplace; 
Reduction of fire hazard; 
Customized to your specifications; 
Free maintenance;